Kira Rudik
29 Aug 2023#democracy#Taiwan#Golos

The solidarity of democracies helps to resist tyrannies, — Kira Rudik and Hryhorii Malenko

Taiwan once again showed support for Ukraine and Ukrainians and is now preparing to hand over fifty cars. This is another manifestation of the solidarity of democracies which helps to resist tyrannies that prevail in terms of resources. This was emphasized by a Ukrainian MP, the leader of the Golos party, and Vice-President of ALDE Kira Rudik, and the head of «Golos» party faction in Kyiv City Council Hryhorii Malenko. "What do Taiwan and Ukraine have in common? Democratic values, opposition to dictatorships, and willingness to help those in need. We are grateful to Taiwan for their support and assistance. We know they’re looking at us and gathering ideas on how to resist an invader who surpasses you in terms of resources. And we emphasize once again that punishing one aggressor means preventing other acts of aggression. That’s why the russian federation has to pay. This means justice for Ukraine and prevention for others" Kira Rudik stressed Besides, representatives of «Golos» thanked the Taiwan Foundation For Democracy. By the way, last winter Kyiv got powerful generators from Taiwan and now the capital is expecting cars. "We’re talking about fifty fire engines, ambulances, and pickup trucks. This is an incredible example of friendship and support between countries. Taiwan showed with deeds what it means. Our fight with the aggressor is going on and for victory, we need to do a lot more work, but now Ukraine has a unique chance to overthrow tyranny. It will save other world democracies as well" Hryhorii Malenko emphasized