Kira Rudik
22 Feb 2024

As many Western politicians as possible should go to Ukraine and see what war is like, what russia is like and what putin is like, — Kira Rudik

Ukraine needs not only friends among Western politicians but also an ambassador for our state. Therefore, more and more representatives of the political forces must come here and see with their own eyes what war is like. This was emphasized by Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik at a meeting with representatives of the Latvian party Kustiba Par! «Kustiba Par! visited Kyiv region and saw with their own eyes what a real war is like. The only question they had was: why are the russians doing this? Why were bridges, houses, and cultural institutions destroyed? This Latvian political force supported Ukraine from the first day of the full-scale invasion. For the elections to the European Parliament, their list is headed by the ethnic Ukrainian Ivanna Volochii. Therefore, this is a great example of how European party members are not just our friends, but also ambassadors of Ukraine», — the «Golos» leader stressed. According to Kira Rudik, it is very important to directly see the consequences of the war and to communicate with Ukrainians, because now the West only sees the war on TV. «Ukraine needs a lot of ambassadors, and for this, in my opinion, as many politicians as possible should come here and see what war is like, what russia is like, and what putin is like. Latvian liberals from the party Kustiba Par! like no one else understand why it is important for Ukraine to win this war not only for their country but also for the whole of Europe. Because otherwise the dictator will not stop and another country will be next», — the MP summed up.