Kira Rudik
13 May 2024#women#leadership

During a war of attrition, it is crucial to stick together and support each other, — Kira Rudik about the meeting with the women of Poltava region

Ukrainian MP, leader of the «Golos» party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik spoke about the challenges of war, the domestic political situation, and women's leadership during a meeting with activists and community leaders of Poltava region. The politician visited Kremenchuk and, in particular, the Poltava party branch. «There was an incredibly open conversation in Kremenchuk with women from the Poltava region who represent local self-government, are activists and community leaders. The top topic, of course, is the war and how it changed us. Now that the invasion phase has turned into a war of attrition, it is crucial to stick together, support each other, and help each other. We talked about the country's current political situation, particularly the information vacuum that has arisen in the communication of decisions adopted by the Parliament, and how it reaches and is interpreted in the regions», — said the MP. According to Kira Rudik, the women of the Poltava region are optimistic about the opportunities that Ukraine's European integration will open up. «We touched on women's political leadership. Is it easy now? No. There are many challenges to overcome. However, these women have high hopes for European integration and the opportunities it will provide for local self-government and female leadership. I believe that each of us is convinced that unity and support are always nearby. I am sincerely grateful to Oksana Guida, the head of the Poltava branch of «Golos», as well as the NGO «Land of Freedom Foundation» and the Kremenchuk Anti-Corruption Center, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Ukraine, and the Swedish International Liberal Center for this atmospheric meeting», — the leader of «Golos» emphasized.