Kira Rudik
26 Aug 2023#Ukraine#Golos#democracy

Accountability of politicians is a sign of progressive democracy, — Kira Rudik about the return of declarations

«Golos» party supports the reinstatement of declarations for officials and reporting of political parties. This is necessary for openness and accountability, which is a sign of democracy. Besides, the return of declarations is one of our partners’ requirements. This is emphasized by an MP of Ukraine, the leader of the Golos party, and Vice-President of ALDE Kira Rudik. "The draft law №9419-1 is one of the requirements of the IMF regarding the transparency of the use of funds which our partners provide to help us. With this draft law, which our fraction supported unanimously, we return the declaration and reporting of political parties. Currently, Ukraine allocates funds to support political processes and parties. This had been happening since 2019, but reporting was stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also did not occur during martial law. Now, within 90 + 60 days from the moment of publication of the law, political parties that have received state funding will have to submit reports and make them public so that people can see how public money is spent, as well as so that the National Agency on Corruption Prevention can check the expediency of their use and lack of certain corruption component" the MP explained According to Kira Rudik, «Golos» not only supports the return of declaration, but is also preparing relevant reports. "We support both the declaration of officials and the declaration of political parties. This accountability and openness is one of the signs of a progressive democracy. At the moment, we are preparing to submit all these reports" said the leader of the party