Women leadership is a European and Ukrainian trend, — Kira Rudik at the EEC Trends conference

Ukrainian women, on an equal footing with men, are making maximum efforts to defeat the russian aggressor and will play a significant role in the further reconstruction of our state. That is why female leadership is becoming a trend in Ukraine, just as it is in Europe. An MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik emphasized this speaking at the EEC Trends online conference.

«Currently, 38,000 women serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and 7,000 joined the army after the full-scale invasion. 20% of the Ukrainian parliament are women. Many Ukrainian women are now the sole breadwinners of their families and, at the same time, volunteers. Do these women have equal pay with men and access to career growth? Not always, but we are working on it. However, we can definitely say that Ukrainian women, on an equal footing with men, are dedicated to Victory and will play a significant role in the reconstruction of our state. Female leadership is a trend for Ukraine and Europe», — emphasized the leader of Golos.

Kira Rudik took part in the EEC Trends online conference at the invitation of Joanna Burnos, the founder of the LEADERIS Institute and a member of The Alliance of Her. The situation in the EU (directive on the presence of women in management and supervisory boards of companies), best practices in individual EU countries, female leadership in the context of sustainable development, and the role of women in the Ukrainian state were also discussed at the event.