We should develop relations with the Global South to ensure efficient sanction pressure on russia, — Kira Rudik

Allies in the Global South are crucial for the international isolation of russia. In particular, the countries that are still under the influence of the russian federation or help the aggressor to circumvent sanctions. We are currently working on this issue. An MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik reported this.

«russia is working out its narratives in the countries of the Global South significantly and intensively. We must constantly prove to them that those narratives are not true and explain what objective reality looks like. And this is not easy considering the resources that russia is currently throwing into its propaganda. Therefore, having allies like Saudi Arabia in communicating our position is very important», — the leader of Golos explained.

If russia was completely isolated, the struggle of Ukrainians against the enemy would be much easier. And we still need to work in this direction.

«We need to stay in touch with the countries of the Global South because this is a matter of sanctions. russia uses third-party countries to circumvent sanctions. Currently, we are embarking on a challenging journey to gain the support of countries not yet involved in the global sanctions against the russian federation, aiming to turn them into valuable partners in this effort. This problem will not be solved today or tomorrow. If russia was completely isolated, our struggle would be easier», — states the MP.