We expect our partners to move from words of support for European integration aspirations of Ukraine to specifics, — Kira Rudik

Ukraine is waiting for clear steps and a schedule from its partners regarding joining the European Union. An MP, leader of the Golos party, and ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik emphasized this in the interview for Euroactiv.

«Ukraine's path to the EU is long and comes at a high price, but we are conquering it. And we really hope that our partners will move from words about supporting European integration aspirations to specifics. Ukraine hopes that by the end of the year, we will know a clear path and schedule of how we will become a member of the EU», — noted the MP.

According to Kira Rudik, Ukraine is adopting all the necessary legislative changes for the European integration process.

«Ukraine is ready. Legislation aimed at integrating the legal framework of Ukraine into the EU is usually adopted by a constitutional majority in the parliament. So we are waiting for the start of the process and a clear schedule of actions», — emphasized the leader of Golos.