Ukrainians persevered in unity, and this unity is essential for victory, — Kira Rudik

Ukrainians display incredible unity when their existence as a nation is at stake. This unity has helped us withstand challenges multiple times — the full-scale invasion being the latest testament. But to triumph over the enemy, it's crucial to maintain this unity. This is written by members of the Golos party Kira Rudik, Roman Kostenko, Serhii Rakhmanin, and Andrii Osadchuk in the joint opinion.

«Ukrainians understand that to stand unwavering in the face of any threat, they must unite. This unity became evident on the morning of February 24th, 2022. The full-scale war had been underway for two hours. By 7 am, around 300 out of 420 members of Ukraine's Parliament were present in the Verkhovna Rada. Regardless of political views or positions, we unanimously voted on all necessary measures to defend the nation. Because in order to stand up to a much stronger enemy, unity is essential», — the MP emphasized.

Ukrainians have held their ground, but the same unity is essential for victory. Everyone must understand that there's still a long road ahead to defeat the enemy, and we are bound to see it through.

«Each of us has felt deeply that independence is not just about freedom; it's about life. Ours, our children's, and our parents'. We don't have the right to stop or give up, no matter how tough it gets», — the leader of Golos stressed.