Ukrainians have shown the world that on the path to freedom, there's not fear but strength and unity, — Kira Rudik for the WSJ

The full-scale war has changed much and unveiled new dimensions. Despite all the differences, we have managed to unite, support each other, and rally around what's crucial: our nation, our freedom, and our children's future. This was emphasized by an MP of Ukraine, the leader of the Golos party, and Vice-President of ALDE, Kira Rudik, in her opinion for The Wall Street Journal.

«Historical challenges are overcome by ordinary people. They become heroes, and the future depends on them. Ukraine is carving out its identity and right to existence with blood not for the first time. This time we must prevail. Each of us knows what we are fighting for, what our values are, and what truly matters. Totalitarian empires are brought down by free ordinary people. Ukraine is currently proving this in practice», — the MP emphasized.

This is what the enemy will never understand about Ukrainians. And that's why they will never win.

«In the first weeks of the full-scale war, many Ukrainians wrote and called their relatives and friends in russia, asking, «Why are you silent? Why aren't you protesting?» The response from russians was always the same: «What can we do? We are just ordinary people; nothing depends on us». And these are the words of a population. Standing unarmed with the Ukrainian flag in front of russian tanks, throwing Molotov cocktails at enemy armored vehicles, helping those in need these are the actions of a true nation», — the leader of Golos stressed.