Ukrainians are fighting not only for our freedom but also for European values, — Kira Rudik at the Reshape Europe Conference

The Western world must have a plan to counter the aggressor who cynically violates the rules of global security. Otherwise, he will feel weakness and only increase his attacks. Another proof of this is the massive missile terror of Ukraine carried out by russia. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik, speaking at the Reshape Europe Conference in Berlin.

«For the modern world, it cannot be the norm when one tyrant annexes foreign territories, terrorizes civilian cities with massive rocket attacks, and rattles nuclear weapons. He should be given a tough answer. So where is the plan that the world has when the global security situation changes because it is already happening? And the result of the lack of such a plan is what we are seeing these days - russian missiles are flying into cities in the center of Europe», — noted the leader of Golos.

The world must understand that it is impossible to make even the smallest concessions to putin or reduce support for Ukraine because authoritarian regimes in other parts of the world are watching this war and drawing conclusions.

«The plan of the Ukrainians is unchanged fight. And we are fighting not only for our freedom and the right to live, but we are also fighting for the democratic values of the whole of Europe, this is our future and we have nothing else. In this struggle, weapons are needed, much more than there are now», — accentuated the MP.

The Reshape Europe Conference, organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, is devoted to the topic «The EU as Global Player, How to Make the European Union a Stronger Partner?». During it, international experts and European liberals discuss what a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine means for the EU, how the European Union and its liberal-democratic model can become more stable in the face of authoritarian threats, and what the world hopes for the EU.