Ukraine’s victory is within reach, but we need our partners’ help, — Kira Rudik in the opinion for The Hill

Ukraine and its Western partners are preparing for a challenging winter because of russian aggression. However, there is no fear or fatigue of the war, and now it is crucial to focus our efforts, both economically and in the means of the supply of weapons, to defeat russia. This was emphasized by a Ukrainian MP, the leader of the Golos party, and Vice-President of ALDE Kira Rudik in the opinion or The Hill. 

«This winter will be difficult not only for Ukrainians but for our partners too. The political season is starting, as well as election campaigns. russia skillfully plays and manipulates public opinion. It is trying to distract attention from Ukraine and to convince the world to stop the support and concentrate on internal issues. This temptation is tough to resist, but the force of democracy is in unity and ability to tell apart manipulation from ideas», — the MP stated. 

As noted by Kira Rudik, Ukrainians are aware that putin switched to the war of attrition. However, they are ready to continue their fight for victory. It is within reach, but help is still needed. 

«Ukrainians haven’t asked one question for a long time: «When will the war end?». We are just working on it silently, each in their own area. We know that putin switched to a war of attrition. Any pauses or negotiations now would mean a postponed war with russia that our children will have to fight in. We cannot let it happen.

We are not tired because there can be no fatigue when it comes to survival. We have come a long way, and now we need to make the last steps to weaken the aggressor. Ukraine’s victory is within reach but we need help. And our partners have the resources. Now, there is a chance to put an end to russian aggression and we have to use it», — the leader of Golos stressed.