Ukraine will receive 48 vehicles from Taiwan, — Kira Rudik

Taiwan is transferring 48 vehicles to Ukraine: ambulances, fire engines, off-road jeeps, and minibuses. The equipment is currently being assembled in the city of Changhua and will arrive to us in September. An MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik reported this.

«All cars were purchased by benefactors. During our last visit to Taiwan, we talked about the situation in Ukraine and our needs, and together with Hryhorii Malenko and Andrii Osadchuk, we asked local businessman Bai Tsan-Jung to provide cars.

Mr. Bai Tsan-Jung is very supportive of Ukraine and Ukrainians in resisting russian aggression and is constantly in contact with our volunteers. Therefore, he did not just respond to our appeal but also involved Taiwan's state institutions in collecting cars for Ukraine: from the Ministry of Healthcare to the police and customs departments», — said the leader of Golos.

The cargo is expected to go to Ukraine by sea in mid-July. The Taiwan Presbyterian Church, Taiwan Community Development Association (TACA), and others also joined the meeting. They will focus on purchasing humanitarian aid and specialized equipment, which they plan to fill the vehicles with before the departure.

«This is incredible support from our friends in Taiwan, who understand better than anyone what we are fighting for right now», — emphasized the MP.