Ukraine needs active support, not words, — Kira Rudik on the Atlantic Council discussion

When partners procrastinate or delay the provision of arms to Ukraine, it is not only about the lives of our citizens, but also about the security of Europe and the entire civilized world. MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik emphasized this after the online discussion of the Atlantic Council.

«To provide tanks, missiles, ammunition, and fighter jets to our country now is to protect yourselves. This should be realized by everyone, even those who tend to «save face». Ukraine needs tanks and other weapons now, and the days of «will it provoke putin or not» are long gone. We need active support, not just words. The future of democracy in the world depends on it», — emphasized the MP.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took part in the online discussion.

«What's the point of tanks patrolling the safe cities of Great Britain? — a great question from our friend Boris Johnson. He understands that procrastination or delays in providing arms to Ukraine is not only about the lives of Ukrainians, it is also about the security of the entire civilized world», —  stresses the leader of Golos.