Ukraine is fighting for the values of the entire democratic world: Kira Rudik met with Irish parliamentarian Barry Andrews

Now, Ukraine is fighting not only for its freedom but also for democratic values. Therefore, after the victory, Ukrainians have no other choice than democratic development. This was emphasized by an MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik during a meeting with Irish parliamentarian Barry Andrews from Renew Europe and ALDE.

«We are grateful to those of our friends and partners who have been with us since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and are staying with us until victory. Today in Ukraine we are talking about development, our path after victory, and the democratic values that we are currently defending. Because Ukrainians have no other choice but democracy, we pay a very high price for it», — emphasized the leader of Golos. 

Barry Andrews came to Ukraine with the HALO Trust, which helps demine territories.

«Currently, almost a third of the Ukrainian territory is mined, and it will take decades to fix this. But we cannot wait that long, so we are looking for all possible ways to speed up this process», — stressed the MP.