Ukraine and Moldova need a joint security plan, — Kira Rudik at the International Security Forum in Chisinau

Ukraine and Moldova should have a joint security plan to counter aggression. After all, the countries are jointly facing economic challenges, energy blackmail, and the propaganda machine of the russian federation. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik during Session III: Standing with Moldova: Confronting Direct russian Aggression in Ukraine and Europe at the International Security Forum in Chisinau.

«russia's full-scale war against Ukraine shows that the solidarity of the countries of the region is of great importance. Especially Moldova. We must have a joint security plan because when enemy missiles fly into Ukrainian cities, they fly into the airspace of Moldova, so there must be a reaction», — the leader of Golos noted.

Today, Ukraine is the security shield of Europe, and also of our closest neighbors. Therefore, a strategic understanding of how to strengthen the security environment of the region and unity in confronting the aggressor is needed.

«Together, we stand against energy blackmail, economic challenges, and the propaganda machine. We are going to the EU together. Therefore, a common position and a common plan of action in response to the actions of the enemy would be very appropriate», — emphasized the MP. 

The Security Forum is a significant event of the year for Moldova, which was attended by more than a hundred politicians, civil society leaders, mass media, businessmen, and diplomats.