There is a political will to confiscate russian assets, but effective legal mechanisms are needed, — Kira Rudik in Davos

Ukraine should use all platforms to convince partners to start transferring confiscated russian assets to Ukraine. After all, there is a political will for this, and Canada and the US have adopted the necessary amendments. Now we are waiting for similar steps in Great Britain and EU countries. There is a political will, but legal mechanisms are needed. This was emphasized by the vice-president of ALDE, leader of the "Golos" party, MP Kira Rudik on the sidelines of the Economic forum in Davos.

«The Economic forum in Davos is an opportunity to emphasize the need to confiscate russian assets and transfer them to Ukraine. Our partners have political will for this, but legal mechanisms are needed. Now Great Britain and European countries have to adopt the necessary legislation. Very useful is support and experience of our ally Bill Browder, the author of the Magnitsky Act and the legend of Davos», — the leader of «Golos» emphasized.

Kira Rudik also spoke at the event organized by Bill Browder in Davos. It was about challenges for the world due to full-scale russian aggression against Ukraine.

«Places like Davos are created not only to talk about the present but also about the future: what the world will look like in a few years. And what will it look like if a third of the territory of the largest country in Europe is mined? What will the world look like for those countries that depend on Ukrainian food if our fields are unfit for cultivation due to the war? What will the world look like if you can attack a sovereign state and, apart from sanctions, you will not receive a stronger response? Ukraine needs support, and russia needs a fair punishment», — emphasized the MP.