There are two parallel processes — Kira Rudik on the confiscation of russian assets in the world

The process of confiscation of russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine is complex and painstaking, but there are already certain developments. Currently, the Ukrainian team is attracting the best experts in order to establish mechanisms and agree on the necessary changes in the legislation of certain countries. This was announced by the leader of the Golos party, MP, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik, following the results of an online meeting with partners from Canada, the USA, and Great Britain, during which they exchanged the latest news on progress in their countries.

«We are enlisting the best financial and legal specialists, who are constantly in touch and exchange experience. There are two parallel processes. The first is the development of the legislative part for the transfer of confiscated assets to Ukraine. The second is obtaining political support for such a bill, that is, gathering votes», — said the leader of Golos.

Communication with experts regarding the confiscation of frozen money of the russian federation for the benefit of Ukraine is constant. Among them are many important figures, such as Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Senior Advisor to Congress Paul Massaro, American diplomat Daniel Fried, Canadian Senator Ratna Omidvar, as well as British parliamentarians Margaret Hodge and Kevin Hollinrake.  

«During the conversation with Nancy Pelosi, we got not only her support on the issue of confiscating this money but also received a lot of useful advice. Despite the fact that the issue of aid to Ukraine is unifying completely different political forces in all countries, obtaining political support still remains a complex task. We have to remember that our team is a drop that sharpens the stone not by the force of the blow, but by the frequency of the hit, and we will have a result. Money and assets of russians will be transferred to Ukraine», — emphasized the MP.