The West needs reliable firsthand information about Ukraine: Kira Rudik met with Egbert Lachaert

It is necessary for Western Europe to convey accurate information about the situation in Ukraine firsthand because it is clear that our neighbors understand russian terror better than the countries of the Old World, which are geographically further away. At a meeting with the Belgian politician, leader of the Open VLD party Egbert Lachaert, the leader of the Golos party, MP, and vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik talked about what is happening in our country, the mood of the people, the course of events and strategic vision.

«Mr. Lachaert and I agreed to be in touch and constantly exchange current information. It is necessary, first of all, for the West, that its politicians make the most balanced decisions that consider Ukraine's interests on the geopolitical plane in Europe. We talked about global issues: the impact on the global commodity market, the situation with Ukrainian grain, and the food situation in the world», — Kira Rudik concluded the meeting.

In addition, according to the leader of Golos, the geopolitical consequences of the rashist invasion are being actively discussed in the West.

«This is the strengthening of NATO, acceleration of European integration and strengthening of the military component in it, reduction of the EU's dependence on russian energy sources. We see how many countries are renouncing their neutral status and how russia is losing support in the world», — the Ukrainian politician emphasized.