The use of frozen russian assets for the needs of Ukraine has become a politically acceptable concept — Kira Rudik at the conference Legal Response to russia's War in Ukraine

Western partners demonstrate a consolidated position: russia must pay for the restoration of Ukraine. Only the question of legal mechanisms for the confiscation of assets of the russian federation remains open. The leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik spoke about this at the Legal Response to russia's War in Ukraine conference in London.

«The impossible is possible, especially when it comes to the confiscation of russian assets in favor of Ukraine. As recently as 4 months ago, when we started talking about the need to withdraw the assets of the russian federation, we were told that it was hopeless, and today in Great Britain we are actually discussing the details of the bills necessary for this», — the leader of Golos reported. 

The conference Legal Response to russia's War in Ukraine was organized by the Ukrainian embassy. The participants are politicians, parliamentarians and experts from Ukraine, and representatives of political parties in the United Kingdom. The goal is to develop legal mechanisms for the confiscation of assets of the russian federation.

«What is important is that the West has a solution. Using frozen rockets and repurposing them for Ukraine's needs has now become a politically acceptable concept. In addition, this decision is also discussed as a preventive measure to prevent the growth of tyranny in the world in general — to ensure against military escalation, conflict or war in other regions», — emphasized the MP.

On the sidelines of the conference, Kira Rudik met with Bill Browder, the author of the Magnitsky Act.

«There are two ways: by recognizing the russian federation as an aggressor committing genocide, and by borrowing from assets and then returning it after reparations. Further, it is up to the politicians of the Kingdom which method to choose. But it is very important that confiscation remains on the political agenda, and legislative changes do not remain only declared on paper», — concludes the vice-president of ALDE.

Great Britain now has £300bn of frozen russian central bank money, and the IMF estimates that next year Ukraine will need $3bn to $4bn of foreign financial aid per month, and possibly more, to keep the economy afloat in the face of a russian invasion.