The unity of the world with Ukraine should strengthen despite putin's attempts to destabilize the situation, — Kira Rudik during the Transatlantic Policy Network round table

russia's massive missile terror did not break the spirit of Ukrainians and did not shake the support of Ukraine from the civilized world. However, this does not mean that the dictator will stop his dirty games. Therefore, Ukraine needs weapons, increased sanctions pressure on the enemy, and financial support. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president, MP Kira Rudik during the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) round table in Brussels.

«russia «announced» a difficult winter by firing 84 missiles at Ukrainian cities. But putin did not achieve his goal: missile terror did not frighten Ukrainians, did not break our spirit and will to victory. We became more united and angrier at the enemy. Massive missile terror did not shake support for Ukraine. The civilized world is still with us. This unity should only grow stronger, although the kremlin is unlikely to stop trying to destabilize its partners», — highlighted the leader of Golos. 

The Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) is a tool for establishing the closest partnership between the governments and peoples of the European Union and the United States of America. Its TPN includes EU and US politicians, leaders of companies, think tanks, representatives of civil society and scientists.

Kira Rudik also met with the member of the European Parliament Dragoș Tudorache. From the first days, he actively supported Ukraine, condemned russia's terrorist actions, and contributed to granting Ukraine candidate status for joining the EU.

«putin is losing, weakening and driving himself into a dead end, but he is still dangerous and still has missiles. Therefore, Ukraine needs weapons and additional air defense systems to cover the skies of our cities. We need complete unity against the russian federation, we need sanctions against the aggressor and we need the financial support of our state», — accentuated the MP.