The United Kingdom is looking for mechanisms to confiscate russian assets in the most effective and safest way, – Kira Rudik

The United Kingdom is looking for reliable and legally flawless ways of confiscating russian assets. This is an intermediate result of the work of the Ukrainian team, which deals with the frozen assets of the russian federation abroad. Now, the MPs of Ukraine have received a letter from the UK government about activities on the confiscation track. An MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik reported this.

«Less than a month ago, my fellow MPs and I wrote a letter to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This was an appeal within the framework of our work on the confiscation of russian assets and their transfer to Ukraine — something that my team and I have been doing for almost a year. The essence of our appeal is a request to speed up work on the mechanisms of confiscation of russian funds in the UK.

We have received an answer from London. According to the information in the official letter, the Government of the United Kingdom is currently considering all possible options for the seizure of russian assets that can be transferred to Ukraine. Consultations are underway with partners, analysts, lawyers, and parliamentarians», — emphasized the leader of Golos.

According to Kira Rudik, in the letter signed by Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Ukraine is assured that the russian federation will not have access to its funds in the UK until it permanently ceases to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

«We know that the UK Parliament is currently considering legislative changes to enable the transfer of confiscated russian funds to Ukraine. More than 18 billion pounds of such money. We do hope that the mechanisms will be found and russia itself will pay for the reconstruction of what was destroyed by russia», – sums up the MP.

On March 14, 2023, the MPs of Ukraine appealed to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, regarding the confiscation of russian assets in Great Britain.