The reminder about support for Ukraine should be constant: at the ALDE Congress, Ukraine's stand has been opened

On the eve of the official opening of the ALDE Congress in Stockholm, the Ukraine corner has been opened. It once again emphasizes that support for Ukraine must be constant because now Ukrainians are defending Europe and democratic values. An MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik reported this.

«Ukraine is in the center of attention and it is natural. We remind our European colleagues that right now, our country needs to win as soon as possible. ALDE values are what Ukrainians are fighting for — freedom, democracy, and equality. ALDE's slogan is Your Freedom Our Fight, and Ukraine is putting it into practice today because it is the shield of Europe and democracy», — emphasized the MP. 

At the corner, in particular, there were appeals about:

  • defense of the sky: strengthening air defense systems and providing shells for them;
  • provision of long-range missiles, projectiles, and other weapons necessary for the liberation of Ukrainian territories;
  • strengthening of sanctions against the russian federation and leveling of ways to circumvent these sanctions;
  • ensuring justice for war victims;
  • confiscation of russian assets: both sovereign and private;
  • exclusion of the russian federation from the UN Security Council and total international isolation of the aggressor;
  • decisions and specific steps regarding Ukraine's accession to NATO;
  • accelerated European integration of our country.

The Congress of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe has gathered delegates from more than 60 parties at the national level. A total of 900 participants are present.