The most effective response to the security threats of the modern world is unity and new alliances — Kira Rudik at the Transatlantic week session

russian aggression in Ukraine is a challenge to the system of collective security, global democratic values ​​and the economy. And that is why our state, like the civilized world, needs unity and new associations. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik at the session Challenges Ahead: How Should Transatlantic Institutions Work Closely Together? in Washington.

«Fostering unity and creating alliances is currently the most effective response to security threats. russian aggression in Ukraine challenged the capabilities of the civilized world, its institutions, economy and democratic values. The russian federation can be effectively opposed by uniting and coordinating the efforts of the United States, the EU, and NATO», — the leader of Golos emphasized.

The meeting, in which Kira Rudik participated, is a part of the program Fundamental Change: Transatlantic Action for Lasting Peace. It is an exchange of visions of how NATO and the EU can cooperate more effectively. It was held within the framework of the Transatlantic Week in Washington, among the participants were representatives of the American Congress, the Administration, European parliamentarians, as well as scientists, businessmen and public organizations.

«Such meetings give us a chance to convey our vision and ideas. For our Western partners, this is an opportunity to assess the risks and challenges facing the transatlantic partnership and to outline a broad plan of action and strengthen the partnership and cooperation of the US and the EU», — Kira Rudik concluded.