The idea of ​​kicking russia out of the UN was long overdue for many, — Kira Rudik on supporting the protest in New York

The initiative to expel russia from the United Nations pretty much united politicians from all over the world. This is evidenced by the demonstration organized in New York with this demand, which was joined by many representatives of the political circles of Europe, the USA, and Ukraine. Leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik, who herself took part in the rally, tells the story.

«The idea of ​​kicking russia out of the UN has been mature for a long time and for many. That is why many awesome people came to the rally with this demand. These are the former governor of the state of Kansas, Samuel Brownback, and the former senator from the state of New Jersey, Bob Torricelli. It's nice that everyone shows their support to us, Ukrainians, and admires the way we beat the aggressor in the teeth», — commented the MP.

Representatives of the Alliance of Her also joined. It is the leading platform dedicated to promoting women's political leadership and equal representation of women in Europe.

«The support of the Alliance of Her representatives — Irish senator Erin McGreehan and German parliamentarian Svenja Hahn — was incredibly powerful. By the way, this Alliance is about female leadership in politics. It includes 150 female politicians from liberal parties in Europe. Their solidarity, knowledge, and resources are quite inspiring. Just like Ukraine inspires them», — Kira Rudik emphasized.

The Alliance of Her also participated in the UN General Assembly to highlight the critical importance of women's political leadership and representation in addressing global challenges. In addition, they hope to network with new allies and partners, as well as gather information and ideas at such an important global political meeting.