The food security of the world now depends on the security of Ukraine, — Kira Rudik at the Global Food Security Forum

By helping Ukrainians to defeat the aggressor, our partners are saving the planet from hunger. MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik said this while speaking at the Global Food Security Forum event organized by the Atlantic Council on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

«A war in the center of Europe against a sovereign state means economic recession, inflation, high prices for energy and therefore food for the whole world. Even during a full-scale war, Ukraine managed to harvest and heroically continues to do so. But every conversation about the supply of our grain must begin with the victory of the Ukrainians over the aggressor. Only when our state is protected from the enemy, the world can be peaceful», — stressed the leader of Golos.

According to the UN, due to the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, food prices in the world have increased by 30% compared to last year. Accordingly, the number of people on the planet who already experience a lack of food or are in a high-risk group is 345 million in 82 countries of the world (this is 200 million more than in prewar times). 50 million people in 45 countries are already in a food security emergency. In other words, they are malnourished.

«All this is russia's responsibility. Of course, climate change and the Covid pandemic are risk factors, but the kremlin is responsible for the significant increase in the number of people who lack or potentially will soon lack food. We are grateful to our partners for their efforts to unblock Ukrainian ports, but this is only a meager solution to the problem of food security. Ukraine's victory in this war is the key to overcoming the threat of hunger in the world», — summarizes the MP.