The essence of russia and its regime is suppression of liberalism and this is an alarming signal for the whole world, — Kira Rudik at the Liberalerna conference

The essence of the russian regime consists in suppressing liberalism within its population and encroaching on those neighboring countries that have made the choice to be free and democratic states. An MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik emphasized this during her speech at the national conference organized by Liberalerna (Liberals), a Swedish party from the ALDE family.

«The essence of russia and its regime is suppression of liberalism and imposing on the population what to believe, whom to support, how to live and what to think. This is an alarming signal for the whole world. For Ukrainians, it is obvious that in fact russia and russians have not forgiven us for choosing to be a free democratic country where freedom is the highest value. They didn't get it in 2014 after the Revolution of Dignity, they want to destroy it physically now with a full scale invasion», — emphasised the MP.

During the Liberalerna (Liberals) conference, Kira Rudik met with the leader of this political force, Johan Pehrson. They talked about challenges for liberal democracies and fair punishment for the aggressor.

«So far, this is only a warrant for putin's arrest from the Pre-Trial Chamber of the II International Criminal Court, and there should be a fair punishment. Punishment for all those who ordered the destruction of Ukrainians and carried out these orders», — stressed the leader of Golos.