Swedes are impressed by the education and skills of Ukrainians — Kira Rudik visited Welcome House in Stockholm

Welcome House in Stockholm is an example of incredible support for Ukrainians in the world and a smart approach to working with forced references. The leader of the Golos party, MP and vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik visited the facility in the Swedish capital.

«At Welcome House Ukrainians living in Stockholm are helped to demonstrate their competences, are told about the labor market, and are helped to find a job. Of the 150 people who applied for help, 50 are already employed. Swedes are impressed by the high level of knowledge, skills and education of Ukrainians. The only barrier is language. And this once again proves that investment in learning English is not wishful thinking, but a necessity of the modern world», — the leader of Golos shares her impressions.

Welcome House is a welcome center for Ukrainians in Stockholm. Here they help integrate into the community, find housing, work, kindergarten or school. Ukrainians receive all necessary consultations, because Welcome House cooperates with state agencies. Kira Rudik spoke with the center's team. This is Dzenana Cenanovic, coordinator of the Ukrainian team, ‪Emir Efendic, consultant on issues of community integration, Sundus Varsame, consultant on finding housing, Tetjana Tregub, assistant.

Kira Rudik also noted that the Swedes, in particular, politicians, want to have a complete informational picture — what Ukrainians who were forced to move to this country require, what help they need. This allows them to be as efficient as possible at the state level.