Support for women and the education of Ukrainian students at Ghent University: Kira Rudik met with the President of the Belgian Senate

Ukrainian students will receive support in the study program at Ghent University in Belgium. This was agreed upon by the leader of the Golos party, Kira Rudik, during a meeting with the President of the Senate of the Federal Parliament of Belgium, Stephanie D'Hose.

«Stephanie D'Hose strongly supports Ukraine. She is very interested in projects supporting women who have suffered from violence, and female entrepreneurs‘ projects. In addition, the Belgian politician was very interested in the project related to children's education, Graduate & Return. So we agreed that Stephanie would contact her alma mater, Ghent University, and Ukrainian students could get a support program there. Active work in this direction is currently underway», — said the leader of Golos.

Stephanie D'Hose is the youngest president of the Belgian Senate, the upper house of the country's parliament. She is an excellent example of a female leader in politics and, like Kira Rudik, does everything to spread liberal values.

Stephanie is also impressed by the resistance that Ukrainians are putting up against the rashist invasion. One of the Ukrainian delegations brought her a piece of a russian projectile. The president of the Belgian Senate keeps this war memorial in the Palace of Nations, the place where Belgium declared its independence. Stephanie promises: she will throw this shard away as soon as Ukraine wins.