Stockholm offered a comprehensive partnership to Kyiv, — Kira Rudik on the results of the meeting with the Liberalerna party in Sweden

Sweden is a reliable partner of Ukraine, which is perfectly aware of all the dangers of its neighborhood with russia. That is why Sweden joins NATO and after many years of neutrality has begun to help Ukraine with weapons. And Stockholm sent a letter to Kyiv with an offer of twinning. This was announced by the leader of the Golos party after a meeting with representatives of the Swedish party Liberalerna.

«The Liberalerna party is working on doubling aid to Ukraine. Our state became the first country that Sweden began to help with weapons, until now this country was neutral. Stockholm did not have sister cities for a long time, and they decided to make an exception for the Ukrainian capital. We were given a letter with an offer of comprehensive assistance in the reconstruction of Kyiv», — said the MP.

In the Stockholm City Hall, Kira Rudik met with members of the Liberalerna party: the vice-leader of the political force Fredrik Malm, the secretary of the party Maria Nilsson and the president of the European Liberal Youth Association Dan-Aria Sucuri. The meeting took place on the days of historical events regarding Sweden's accession to NATO.

«On the day of our arrival, it was announced that Turkey will not interfere with Sweden's entry into the Alliance. For Swedes it was as important as European integration for Ukraine. Sweden is a reliable partner to Ukraine, it is aware of all the dangers of its neighborhood with russia, and joining NATO for the Swedes is an attempt to find a balance in protecting their country from potential threats», — the leader of Golos emphasized.