Spain assures of unwavering support for Ukraine — Kira Rudik about the meeting with Ambassador Ricardo Lopez-Aranda Jagu

Spain will support Ukraine and do everything possible to defeat the aggressor. The leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik was assured of this by the newly appointed ambassador of Spain to Ukraine, Ricardo Lopez-Aranda Jagu.

«The support of our country has become a unifying factor for the political forces of most democratic countries. As the newly appointed Ambassador of Spain to Ukraine Ricardo Lopez-Aranda Jagu assured Kyiv: Spain will do everything possible for long-term and unwavering assistance to Ukraine in the struggle for freedom and democratic values», — the leader of Golos said.

Symbolically, the windows of the embassy ​​where the meeting took place are covered with sandbags — this is a reminder that the war is near and it cannot be forgotten.

«Ukraine should remain in the focus of the world's attention as long as necessary. It is crucial to work on it in all possible directions. We reached a consolidated conclusion with the ambassador that the work on the information front should continue for the fastest victory possible», — Kira Rudik concluded.