Solving the complex problems of Europe, Great Britain and Ukraine must be collective — Kira Rudik at the meeting of the Liberal Democrats

The issues of defense, energy prices and cost of living are complex problems for many countries, but they can be solved together. The leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik spoke about this with the head of the Liberal Democrats of Great Britain, Ed Davey.

«One of the most important issues we discussed is how to most effectively confiscate russian assets located on the territory of Great Britain. These funds should be used to support Ukraine as soon as possible», — commented the leader of Golos on the meeting.

More global issues were also discussed: how to strengthen the influence of Western democrats in the BRICS countries. And what is the plan of the liberal parties of Europe and the world for the new political season.

«We all have common problems: threat from an aggressor country, strengthening of defense, increase in energy prices and cost of living. Of course, each country has its own strategy, but I believe that the solution to these complex problems is common. We are working and we will win!», concluded Kira Rudik.