russia must be punished for its environmental crimes, — Kira Rudik called on the ALDE parties to react to russia's blasting of the Kakhovka HPP

ALDE's urgent appeal to sister parties with a call to respond at the level of parliaments to the russians' undermining of the Kakhovka HPP was initiated by an MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik.

«This is the biggest man-made disaster in the world in recent decades. The Prosecutor General's Office has already started a pre-trial investigation, but the world must react to this crime and react harshly», — emphasized the MP.

According to Kira Rudik, crimes against the environment have no borders and that is why the aggressor should be punished for them.

«Now it is not only about the Kherson region and its ecosystem. Crimes against the environment have no borders: Zaporizhzhia NPP is under threat and there is a risk of nuclear disaster. Mined territories, polluted air due to missile attacks and fires, entire species of flora and fauna destroyed, enemy military training grounds in nature reserves – the aggressor must be held accountable for this», — stressed the leader of Golos.