Programs for Ukrainian students in Oxford will be continued, and we are introducing new ones for the IT field, — Kira Rudik

Next year, Ukrainian students will be able to receive scholarships at Oxford educational institutions. In addition, an agreement was reached to support the Ukrainian IT sector and startup community through mentoring and other educational programs. On further cooperation and new educational opportunities for Ukrainian students, the leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president, MP Kira Rudik agreed during a meeting with Janet Royall, who is the head of the Conference of Colleges, a member of the higher governing board of the university, as well as a representative of the Labor Party, who actively cooperates with the EU.

«Currently, Oxford has a program for Ukrainians, where participating colleges are responsible for the accommodation of selected students and finance half of the scholarship. The fight for liberal values will be won by the educated generation and young Ukrainians, who deserve the best educational programs. Ukrainians are already part of the democratic world because many of our students today defend democracy at the cost of their own lives and health», — Kira Rudik emphasized.  

The leader of Golos also met with the vice-rector for education, professor Martin William, and the president of Reuben College, Lionel Tarassenko, who is responsible for scholarships for Ukrainians. The meetings are organized with the support of Oxford University Liberal Democrats and the President of the Libdems community Theo Jupp.