Partner countries should act proactively, not reactively, — Kira Rudik on confiscation of russian assets

The weak point of the russians is their money, therefore efforts should be focused on the strengthening of sanctions pressure and the confiscation of russia's assets in favor of Ukraine as well as on the supply of weapons. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president, MP Kira Rudik, speaking at a panel discussion on Magnitsky's global campaign for the victory of Ukraine. It was organized by the Henry Jackson Society transatlantic think tank in London. 

«Another massive missile attack on Ukrainian cities, lives taken, new destruction, and therefore even more damage. And this could not have happened if Ukraine had been protected from the sky and if the partner countries had acted proactively, not reactively. What does it mean? Put the aggressor in a dead end, depriving him of money and handing it over to the restoration of Ukraine. Because it is not the taxpayers of other countries who have to pay for what was destroyed by russian missiles, but russia itself», — the leader of Golos noted.

Bill Browder, the author of the Magnitsky Act, Kyle Parker, the key developer of this document, and military serviceman and paramedic Yuliia «Taira» Paevska took part in the panel discussion together with Kira Rudik.

«We must use all possible sanctions tools to put pressure on the russian Federation. And the weak point of the russians is their money. There are leaders on this path: Canada became the first to confiscate Rosactiv and this example should be followed by others and develop appropriate changes to their legislation. russia should pay for what it has done», — summed up the MP.