Our partners are united in the issue of punishing the aggressor. We are working on a mechanism for collecting funds from the russia, — Kira Rudik in the Netherlands

Mechanisms of confiscation of russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine are already being actively discussed by Western partners. And the best specialists are involved in the team dealing with this issue. This was reported by the leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik, following the results of her meetings in the Netherlands.

«Where should the partners get money for aid and further recovery of Ukraine? The logical and fair answer is from confiscated russian assets. Today we work in the Netherlands and attract the best local specialists to the important work for our country. In the eyes of every Ukrainian, The Hague is associated with a tribunal for the aggressor, and we are also working on the collection of funds», — said the leader of Golos.

Kira Rudik discussed the mechanisms of russian asset confiscation with Han ten Broeke, Director of Political Affairs at the Hague Center for Strategic Affairs. This institution works with various security issues, and Han ten Broeke himself works with Bill Browder directly on the topic of confiscation of russian money.

We also discussed the topic of confiscation of the aggressor's money in favor of Ukraine, as well as strengthening sanctions against the russian federation and support for Ukraine with Ruben Brekelmans, the Dutch parliamentarian of the sister VVD party.