Our mission is to raise a generation that will be able to learn from this war and live on, — Kira Rudik at the FNF Gender x Geopolitics conference

The main lesson of full-scale war is unity at all levels: from states and governments to ordinary people. And no less important is the fact that Ukrainian women are now destroying the enemy on an equal footing with men. This was emphasized by the Ukrainian MP, leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik, speaking at the conference Gender x Geopolitics – Shaping Inclusive Foreign and Security Policies for Europe, organized by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Global Security Hub.

«For some reason, putin counts only men in his army, and in Ukraine, we even call the holiday the Day of the Defender and the Defendress. And we are on the right track. Currently, 38,000 women serve in the Armed Forces, and 7,000 joined the army after February 24. By the way, this is the largest number of women in the army among NATO member countries. And today, Ukrainian women destroy the enemy on an equal footing with men. Gender quotas are observed not only in the military, but also in politics, business, and education», — emphasized the MP. 

According to Kira Rudik, if earlier the goal of a Ukrainian politician was to make the life of future generations freer and happier, now, during a full-scale war, the goals are different.

«When I became a politician, my goal was for the next generation of Ukrainian men and women to be free, happy, and have everything. Unfortunately, a full-scale war prevented it from being implemented quickly. But now our mission is to raise a generation that can learn lessons from this war and live on. What are these lessons? The main one is unity. The unity of countries, democracies, governments, men, and women who, although they do not know each other, are ready to stand together against the aggressor, defend values, rebuild and do better», — concludes the leader of Golos.