Lithuania's support for Ukraine will not decrease, — Kira Rudik met with the speaker of the Seimas

Lithuanian support to Ukraine will not get any smaller. Because Lithuanians understand the complexity of the situation we are facing. They sympathize with us and worry about us. Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Viktorija Čmilėte-Nielsen said this at the meeting with Kira Rudik, leader of the Golos party, Ukrainian MP, vice-president of ALDE.

«Vilnius assured us of maximum support for Ukraine in the war with russia. We received valuable advice: we now need to concentrate our efforts on working with those countries that are a little further away and more sceptical. Now it is important to bring them first-hand information and reinforce the relevance of the Ukrainian agenda», — Kira Rudik said after the meeting.

Women's leadership in politics was also highlighted. Viktorija Čmilėtė-Nielsen is a former famous chess player, European champion and two-time winner of the men's national championships. She has been in the Lithuanian parliament since 2015, which means she became an MP at the age of 32 and speaker — at 37. The Lithuanian parliament has now the biggest number of young MPs and more women than ever and they are going to continue work in this direction.

«Lithuania welcomes Ukraine's ratification of the Istanbul Convention. Vilnius has not ratified this document yet, but Lithuanian parliamentarians can set Ukraine as an example when it comes to the Istanbul Convention. It was a very productive meeting and we have already agreed to meet with the speaker of the Lithuanian parliament in September», — Kira Rudik concluded.