Kira Rudik's project «Ukraine — One Big Family» helped more than 56 families

The practical results of international assistance are 56 Ukrainian families with many children who received assistance within the project «Ukraine — One Big Family». It provides direct financial support from partners in the US. This is a collaboration with the $1k Project for Ukraine, a volunteer organization that enables families from the US and around the world to help Ukrainian families with three or more children by sending $1,000 directly to their bank account. 

As of the end of September, the assistance was received by the following:

29 families from Kyiv and the Kyiv region (Kyiv - 19, Irpin - 2, one each from Vasylkiv, V'yazivky, Vyshhorod, Mlynok, Boiarka, Tarashcha, Semenivka, Bucha) and 27 families from various regions (Odesa - 11, Dnipropetrovsk region - 3, Bezliudivka - 2, one each from Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, Kostiantynivka, Chornomorsk, Podorozhnie, Luchkiv, Kremenchuk, Dnipro, Kamianske, Biliaivka Raion, Novopidkryazh).

«We are happy to share the first results of the project «Ukraine — One Big Family». This is important for large families who suffered from Russian full-scale aggression. The stories of these families impressed both Ukrainians and Americans, who sent them money directly. This is a practical level of international partner aid: someone from the USA directly transfers money to a specific Ukrainian family», — project curator, leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP  Kira Rudik shared her impressions. 

The project «Ukraine — One Big Family» continues. If you are a large family or a single mother, you can apply through our form for priority consideration. In addition, a Ukrainian family, a single mother or a family with 3+ children can apply directly through If you want to support Ukrainian families directly, you can make a donation through