Kira Rudik met with students and the scientific community of Harvard

Why is the russian dictator so obsessed with Ukraine and there should be more help with weapons? This was discussed with students and the scientific community of Harvard University by the leader of the Golos party, MP, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik.

«It is necessary to convince the West to provide aid to Ukraine constantly and at all levels. Politicians, the public, opinion leaders, and youth should understand that Ukrainians today are the shield of democracy and civilizations. We need weapons because putin understands only the language of force. As a nation, we cannot afford for the world to be «tired of the war and of Ukraine», — the leader of Golos commented on the discussion.

Harvard students and scientists were interested in why the Kremlin dictator is so obsessed with Ukraine, what role the international community can play in this war, and whether the EU and the G7 countries are doing enough to arm Ukraine.

«The essence of this conversation is devoted to the need for a deeper understanding of the expansion and acceleration of security assistance to Ukraine in the form of arms supplies. I don't get tired of emphasizing this at all international venues», — Kira Rudik concluded.