Kira Rudik met with Nancy Pelosi regarding confiscation of russian assets: «We need a step forward»

The leader of Golos, MP Kira Rudik asked the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to publicly support the confiscation of russian assets in favor of Ukraine. This was discussed at the meeting of the Ukrainian MP with the American politician in Washington.

«Currently, according to various estimates, the United States has about $300 billion of the Central Bank of the russian federation. Ukraine needs this money. Public support from such a leader as Nancy Pelosi is a signal to those countries that can potentially attack their neighbors (for example, China), what will happen to their assets», — commented the leader of Golos at the meeting.

The speaker of the US House of Representatives is known for her support of Ukraine. In particular, Nancy Pelosi made a statement that russia should be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism.

«The confiscation of russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine is a difficult matter, and powerful allies are needed here. Nancy Pelosi is one of them. She is already a champion in support of Ukraine and a true friend of ours. My team and I have been dealing with the issue of confiscation of russian money in favor of Ukraine for the past three months. We believe that the taxpayers of our partners should not pay for the restoration of what was destroyed by putin, the russians should pay for it. And we hope for Nancy Pelosi's support», — Kira Rudik emphasized.