Kira Rudik in the interview for Wilson Center: Now and in the future, Ukraine's security means stability in the world

russian missile strikes on the Ukrainian port infrastructure and the destruction of crops pose a threat to the entire world. Therefore, the best response to such belligerent actions should be providing Ukraine with greater weaponry to deter the enemy. This was emphasized by Kira Rudik, an MP of Ukraine and leader of the Golos party, in a conversation with John Milewski from the Wilson Center analytical center.

«russia is resorting to a new level of hunger blackmail: terrorists have not only blocked the grain deal but have also been deliberately destroying the Ukrainian port infrastructure with grain elevators for several days now. These attacks are not just against Ukraine but also against the people of Africa and Asia, for whom Ukrainian crops are of utmost importance. Tens of millions of people are now facing the threat of famine», — stressed the MP.

Ukrainian security is the key to global stability because currently, the russian attacks are directed not only against Ukraine but essentially against the people of Africa and Asia.

«The world must understand what russia is doing. And every time someone thinks about «compromises», «attempts to talk», or «gestures», they should remember that terrorists do not comprehend words; for them, it's a sign of weakness. Now and in the future, Ukraine's security is synonymous with global stability. Therefore, at this moment, we need more weaponry, and in the long run, NATO membership is what we aspire to», — accentuated the leader of Golos. 

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