Kira Rudik discussed the mechanisms of russian assets confiscation for the restoration of Ukraine with Bill Browder

What are the current legal mechanisms for the confiscation of russian assets for the restoration of Ukraine, and which ones are still missing? The leader of the Golos party, MP, and ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik talked about this with Bill Browder, the initiator of the Magnitsky Act and an expert on asset recovery.

«Bill Browder's experience is very valuable to us. If at the beginning we were told that the process of confiscation of russian assets was difficult or impossible, now we see that if we make efforts, it will happen. We can already see the first results. There is also an understanding of where to put efforts and how to make sure that all the russian money that is frozen in the world is given specifically to the reconstruction of Ukraine. This is what we talked about with Bill Browder, who acts as a true friend of Ukraine and is ready to support us in every way», — the leader of Golos concluded the meeting.

Bill Browder is a well-known asset recovery expert. Since 2010, Bill has led a campaign to investigate tax evasion in the russian budget. It was Bill Browder who initiated the Magnitsky Act — a sanction list of high-ranking russian officials involved in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.