Kira Rudik and the Secretary General of the Liberal International discussed tools for combating russian propaganda in the world

Working in African and South American countries to convey true information about what is happening in Ukraine and what atrocities russia is committing here is no less important than working with Western partners. The leader of the Golos party, MP, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik talked about this with the general secretary of the Liberal International, William Townsend.

«Work in the international arena is multifaceted. In addition to Western partners, to whom reliable information about what is happening in Ukraine is important, we should actively work with the countries of Africa and South America. Currently, russia is actively stuffing this region with its propaganda and it must be admitted that it dominates the information field. This should be corrected. Politicians and society in these countries must know that the russian federation is an aggressor that commits brutal terrorist attacks against Ukrainian civilians. At the same time, liberal values ​​should be defended», — the leader of Golos emphasized.

William Townsend, as secretary general of Liberal International, works closely with the support of member parties of this association. He also leads the secretariat in the creation of the Global Liberal Parliamentarian database and LI-FNF's global communications campaign to combat disinformation. During the last three years, he headed the communication and political work of Liberal International. Therefore, his experience and support are very useful for Ukraine.