Historic visit: the leader of the Golos party Kira Rudik became the first Ukrainian parliamentarian to visit Taiwan

Ukraine and Taiwan need strong global alliances of democratic forces. This is what the leader of Golos party, MP Kira Rudik talked about with the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen during the first visit of the Ukrainian parliamentarian to this country.

«Democracies will always defeat tyranny, but it is much easier to do so together. That is why both Ukraine and Taiwan need strong alliances of democratic forces. Taiwan has supported Ukraine since the first days of the war, because for the Taiwanese, Ukraine is an example of courage. Mrs. President Tsai Ing-wen assured that the aid will continue, the cooperation between our countries will deepen, and the parliamentary group of friendship between Taiwan and Ukraine will continue to work. Today it is important for both countries», — said the leader of Golos.

Taiwan allocates an additional $56 million to Ukraine for the next year to support our fight against the aggressor and recovery after the shelling. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, Joseph Wu, announced this at a meeting with a Ukrainian parliamentarian. This is in addition to the support that this country has already provided: UAVs, hundreds of tons of humanitarian goods, money for the reconstruction of communities after attacks by rashists, training programs. 

«The most important thing is that Taiwan is still ready to help us with everything it can. At all levels: from senior management to ordinary Taiwanese. This country understands better than anyone what we are fighting for and who attacked us. Here they admire us, our armed forces, and most importantly, our indomitability and devotion to democratic values. There are 113 deputies in Taiwan's parliament, and 40 of them are members of the friendship group with Ukraine. These incredible people dressed in the colors of our flag to meet us and together sang the national anthem of Ukraine», — summed up the MP.