Georgians support Ukraine. They realize the fact that unpunished evil returns, — Kira Rudik

Ukraine's victory in this war is a chance for Georgia to receive compensation for the crimes committed by the russian federation. That is why Georgian people incredibly support Ukrainians in our fight against the aggressor. This is how MP, the leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik summed up her trip to Georgia.

«Despite the fact that the Georgian government maintains a neutral position regarding the russian federation's war against Ukraine, the Ukrainian flag flies on almost every street in Tbilisi, and Georgian volunteers are fighting for Ukraine today. Now we see a lot of initiatives in Georgia to support Ukraine, including to help in conditions of shelling of infrastructure from the russian side», — stressed the leader of Golos. 

Also, as part of the trip, Kira Rudik took part in a conference in the Georgian Parliament together with MP Giorgi Vashadze, who is the head of the Strategy Aghmashenebeli party, which is a sister political force of ALDE.

«We are very grateful to the Georgian people for their support. Who, if not they, knows what it is like to have russia as a neighbor, a country that will always be an insatiable empire? But now is a historic moment, because together we will overcome this empire. After all, for other countries, including Georgia, this is a great chance to receive compensation from russia for crimes committed by it. Georgians understand us and support us because the aggression of the russian federation against Georgia in 2008 and then the war against Ukraine became proof that unpunished evil returns», — emphasized the MP.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion of the russian federation, Georgia has been helping Ukrainians. The country has already sheltered more than 25,000 refugees. And as part of the Share the Light campaign, Georgians collected $154.2 thousand for the purchase of 400 generators in 13 days.