Georgia knows about the horrors of russian aggression and therefore its people are on the side of Ukrainians, — Kira Rudik at a meeting with Lelo for Georgia

For Ukraine, support and assistance in resisting russian aggression are now important. The Georgian people understand Ukrainians better than anyone and support us in every possible way. This was emphasized by an MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik during a meeting with representatives from Lelo for Georgia.

«It is impossible to resist the evil of russian aggression alone, everyone's support is important here. Now time and amount of weapons are critical for Ukraine to defeat the enemy and protect not only its freedom but also the democratic values of the civilized world. Georgia knows about the horrors of russian aggression from its own experience, and therefore the Georgian people are on the side of the Ukrainians. Today they are in Ukraine with the good news that will help us defeat the aggressor», — emphasized the MP.

Lelo for Georgia is a Georgian political party that is sister to ALDE. This is a social-liberal political force. The party advocates for strengthening the economy, encouraging investments in Georgia, and improving the everyday living conditions of the population.