From now on, Golos is a part of the large global liberal family of Liberal International, — Kira Rudik

The Ukrainian political party Golos has joined the world federation of liberal-democratic parties, Liberal International. The decision to join was made in Ottawa, said the leader of the Golos party, MP of Ukraine, and vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik.

«From now on, Golos is a part of the big global liberal family. We became members of Liberal International. Over the past year, we have learned the most important thing: unity is the key to our victory. And it is not only about the Western world and Europe. Our goal is to involve as many countries as possible in helping and supporting Ukraine. Golos as a liberal party has been working on this track with many countries (in particular, the African Liberal Alliance and Taiwan, we also worked in Latin American countries). I would like to thank everyone who helps Ukraine», — the leader of Golos noted.

Liberal International is a worldwide federation of liberal-democratic parties. The association began its history in 1947 in Oxford. During this time, Liberal International became the leading network of liberal parties with a common goal: to strengthen and introduce liberalism throughout the world.

The objectives of the federation of liberal democratic parties are to promote the development of a free society based on personal freedom, personal responsibility, and social justice, and to ensure cooperation and exchange of information both between member organizations and among all those who accept these principles.