Efforts to support Ukraine: Kira Rudik met with US Army General Wesley Clark

Today's security challenges and the importance of joint efforts in resisting tyrannies were discussed by MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE Kira Rudik during the meeting with the General of the United States Army, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Wesley Clark at the Free Iran Summit in Paris.

«For the first time, I personally met with the American general, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Wesley Clark. The general assured that he would continue to support Ukraine's struggle against the russian invaders with his deeds. In particular, he pledged to do his best to make sure Ukraine receives ATACMS and F-16 as soon as possible», — said the MP. 

General Wesley Clark served 34 years in the ranks of the US Army and the Ministry of Defense. He was the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of NATO's combined armed forces in Europe. He is the author of the book «Winning Modern Wars».