Despite all the efforts of russia, Western partners are united in supporting Ukraine — Kira Rudik at the opinion leaders conference in Prague

Ukraine is supported by the entire civilized world, and no matter how the kremlin tries to destroy the unity of Ukraine’s partners, it is currently a futile matter. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, vice-president of ALDE, MP Kira Rudik during the opinion leaders conference in Prague, which gathered fifty influencers.

«Among the top-3 fears and problems of the kremlin is the systemic long-term support of Ukraine by Western partners. The russians are trying to fight it but in vain. Indeed, the whole civilized world is with us», — the leader of Golos emphasized.

At the conference, Kira Rudik met with Dita Charanzová, a Czech politician, diplomat, and member of the European Parliament since 2014. She was twice elected as a vice-president of this institution. Dita Charanzová supports Kira Rudik's projects for Ukrainian women.

«Dita Charanzová perfectly understands the importance of female leadership in politics. We discussed supporting projects for Ukrainian women who suffered from war and violence, ways to help women who create craft products, and now, due to the full-scale invasion, have become the only financial resource of their families. We are talking about the projects There Will Joy and Breadwinner», — said the Ukrainian MP.