Democratic countries understand that they cannot stay away from Ukraine — Kira Rudik at Campus Polska

Today, Ukraine is an example of how democratic values ​​should be defended, and the civilized world cannot remain aloof from our struggle. This was emphasized by the leader of the Golos party, ALDE vice-president Kira Rudik, speaking at the Campus Polska discussion platform.

«Ukraine has become an example of how democratic values ​​should be defended. We have clearly demonstrated our desire and determination to live by European standards, and a very important step for us was obtaining the status of a candidate for the EU. The support of our international partners remains indispensable. Democratic countries understand very well that it is impossible to remain indifferent. After all, one of Ukraine's priorities now is to defend the values ​​of freedom and democracy», — the leader of Golos emphasized.

Campus Polska is a unique event dedicated to young people who take an active part in the social and political life of Poland. This is an opportunity to gain valuable and useful knowledge during meetings with experts. To get to the weekly discussion, you should pass a certain competition. Yes, this year there were more than 3,000 applications. During Campus Polska, more than 200 socio-political, cultural, sports and entertainment events are organized. Lectures, panels, debates and workshops are held here.

The moderator of the discussion is Adam Traczyk, a foreign policy expert and co-founder of Global.Lab, a Polish think tank dealing with international relations and progressive foreign policy. The key topic is the war in Ukraine. A member of the Polish Parliament and experts in foreign policy and strategic communications joined the discussion.

Kira Rudik spoke about the challenges facing democracy in the conditions of war, how Ukraine is currently not only fighting for its territorial integrity and independence, but also for democracy and against authoritarianism in general.

«We know that for many countries, we have already become an example to follow. Only by uniting can we make this world freer, safer and more democratic. Today, we are actively putting it into practice, which I am very proud of!», — emphasized the MP.